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The guarantee shall cover any defect in material or manufacture in any of the parts manufactured by the producer within a period of 12 months for mechanical parts and 6 months for electrical parts from shipping date. The producer undertakes to replace defective part, ex-works and without customs clearance, excluding labour cost and transfer. The replacement of some parts during the guarantee period does not extend it. No guarantee shall be given for damages caused by a period of inactivity of the plant and it cannot be extended in case of inactivity of the plant.
The buyer loses the right of guarantee:
a) if he does not respect the terms of payment
b) If damages are caused by: unskilled and/or careless handling, abnormal use, inexperience, overloading, bad maintenance, repairs or tampering without authorisation of the producer, irregularity caused by raw materials or shortage in supply of fuel and/or electricity
c) If damages are caused by force majeure
The guarantee doesn’t include normal wear and tear and deterioration of the plant and all its accessories. Any vice or defect must be reported to the supplier by registered letter, peremptorily within 8 days from date of discovery.