Eight incomparable advantage of BAKE OVEN
  1.The separated burner for heating  the top and bottom of inside oven.
Every heater has the independent electric stove wire to heat the top and bottom, which caused the oven to be very flexible ,and it can baking lots of types product.

   2. Heating methods:
Direct fire gas oven: the heating transmitted by the radiation.
Direct convection hot air oven:the heating transmitted by the convection.
Direct electrical oven: the heating transmitted by the radiation and the electricity as the heating source.
Indirect convection radiation oven: the heating transmitted b the convection, and then moved to the food by the heating.
Mixed oven: The direct heating radiation and convection mixed can control the humidity, shelf life and color of the product precisely.

  3. Logical framework and insulated appearance
Our outside oven uses the all stainless steel,which is elegant and easy to clean. Our inside oven’s material depends on each baking temperature and baking food.
The material of the framework is all national standard steel,which is much stronger than the normal steel.
The insulation cotton is ceramic nanometer fabric cotton,which owns heating reflection function and accord with the scientific keep warming standard.

  4. Air circulation
There lots of baking food should bake with heating radiation and air circulation oven.
So the baking oven with circulation air is better
The baking time can be shortened by the air circulation oven.What’s more, the side color would be better when baking the bread and mooncake,especially the industrial bread and bread.
The perfect circulation efficiency can be achieved by adjusting the motor speed.

  5. Easy control
The baking time and baking temperature showed by the touching control panel.
The user can choose the recipe program parameter,alarm and data memory by PLC system, it also can connect the main control system.
The user can obtain the comprehensive information and the whole baking process by full colorful touching screen and precise temperature adjustor.

  6. Conveyor and drive device
Currently,we can provide there types standard conveyor: conveyor link joint, conveyor net and steel belt.The transducer controls the rate of speed,which can control the baking time precisely.The long and heavy baking oven with double live rolls and double drive motor. The conveypr of drive device with the corrector function.

   7.Gas second time regulator and safeguard system
All gas will be filtered before entering the oven to ensure the burning system working completely.
The main adjusting valve of transmission gas pipe can adjust the exist pressure automatically to keep sure the same baking oven exist pressure .
The compelling blast air before igniting the front oven to make the gas volatilize completely.
The ignition fault automatic checking alarm system with manual and automatic handling system.
The inside oven and workshop gas density overproof  automatic checking alarm system (meet the national standard requirement).It will cut the gas automatically after alarming.
The new secondary regulator system is safer and easier than the traditional one time regulator.

  8  Inspection  window and air exhausting door
The oven installed with inspection window and illuminator device to check the baking statue for the user. (except the high temperature baking oven)
The baking oven ‘s air exhausting door both can be manual or motor drive with PLC control system.

  9. other services and requirements
the baking oven can be customized as followers:
super width baking oven
install the electric power storage after power failure
install the cleaning device,especially for the net conveyor
design and construct the gas warehouse and conveyor channels
provide the whole workshop layout design
maintain and update the used oven