Indirect Gas Fired Tunnel Oven
一. Baking Area
It is suited for baking various bread, cake, traditional Chinese cookies, pasties, etc
二. Advantage
1. Burning gas does not contact the product directly, heat is transferred by heat radiation channel, to ensure even heat and thin and crispy product surface.
2. Heat recycling radiation plate can minimize the heat exhaustion and loss, to save 40% energy.
3. Turbulent system produces convection air in the oven hearth, to assure sufficient baking heat in the middle of product and get bright color.
4. Infrared radiation device can meet higher temperature demand, it makes the product surface bright and short crumbly.
5. Easy operating and maintenance, one touch operation
6. It is suited for industrial mass production
三. Heating
1. Gas (LPG, NG)
2. Diesel (Diesel and gas can be exchanged, only change of combustion system needed)
四. Specifications: