Hybrid Tunnel Oven
一. Baking Area
It is suitable for baking industrial french bread, soft bread, heavy oil cake and pork puff.
二. Advantage
1. The hybrid tunnel oven is multi-functional and it can make a broad product range. It is suitable for the growing food tendency.
2. Compared with the traditional tunnel oven, the hybrid tunnel oven has incomparable advantages of humidity and mid-fire, which makes the baking products beautiful and color uniform.
3. Compared with traditional cyclothermic tunnel oven, the hybrid tunnel oven has better radiation effect on forepart of dough plumping & forming, so the products plumpness, inner texture, external thickness are totally different, especially for the industrial bread and pork puff.
三. Energy
1. Gas (LPG, NG)
2. Diesel (Gas and diesel can be interchanged by changing the handpiece)