Direct Gas Fired Tunnel Oven
一. Baking Area
It is suited for baking various bread, cake, traditional Chinese pastries, minced meat pancake, etc
二. Advantage
1. New pipe ribbon burner bears performance of small deformation, high temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, big adjustment ratio and silent burning. It can keep the stability of tunnel oven after a long running time, to assure the product get even heat and color.
2. Turbulent system produces convection air in the oven hearth, to assure sufficient baking heat in the middle of product and get bright color.
3. Infrared radiation device can meet higher temperature demand, it makes the product surface brighter and short crumbly.
4. Multi-exhausting system can control flexibly and meet more reasonable product moisture requirement.
5. Preheat combustion function can make the combustion more strong and sufficient, to ensure 100% burning and get energy saving result.
6. Constant temperature device can control the temperature in the oven hearth, the accuracy tolerance is ±0.5 ℃
三. Heating
Gas (LPG, NG)